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Men's Plastic Surgery Q & A

What is men’s plastic surgery?

Men’s plastic surgery is a unique area of plastic surgery that is becoming more and more popular. Like women, men want to age gracefully and may consider plastic surgery to restore a more youthful look. 

Though men may have some of the same goals when seeking plastic surgery, some of their desires may be unique and the techniques surgeons use to achieve them are different. Dr. Urbinelli is an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon who specializes in men’s plastic surgery.

He understands the male physique and men’s goals and customizes cosmetic care to match their needs and goals. When it comes to plastic surgery, Dr. Urbinelli provides natural, long-lasting results that keep you looking like you but more youthful and rejuvenated. 

What are the types of men’s plastic surgery procedures?

At PNW Plastic Surgery, Dr. Urbinelli performs many unique procedures for men’s plastic and reconstructive surgery. Some of the most common functions he performs on men include:

Jaw surgery

Dr. Urbinelli is one of the  most experienced specialist in cosmetic and reconstructive jaw surgery in the Pacific Northwest. 

He is an expert in orthognathic surgery (corrective jaw surgery), including LeFort maxillary osteotomies, which corrects upper jaw differences and positioning, as well as mandibular (lower jaw) osteotomies.

To improve facial contours in men, Dr. Urbinelli may recommend a mandibular angle augmentation to improve or gain a more defined/chiseled jaw line, a mandibular shave to reduce or recontour an area,or may offer facial implants (cheek, piriform, scalp, chin) to improve the cosmetic appearance of the face. Facial fillers or injections can also be subtle ways Dr. Urbinelli addresses these problem areas.

Chin surgery

For chin surgery, also known as genioplasty, Dr. Urbinelli offers multiple approaches to reposition and reshape the chin to improve facial harmony. This can be done with implants or using the patient’s own bone. Additionally fat grafting, collagen injection or other fillers may be used to improve the chin soft tissue appearance. 

Cheek implants

For both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, Dr. Urbinelli uses cheek implants to enhance the cheek bones, augment the soft tissue under the eyes and improve mid facial contours. 

Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)

To improve re-establish abdominal contour and muscle tone, Dr. Urbinelli may recommend a tummy tuck to his male patients. During the procedure, he removes excess fat and skin and repositions your muscles to create a more defined look that provides long-lasting results. 


Looking to improve or tone a specific body area?  Stubborn love handles, double chin bothering you or are you working on a more chiseled chest/abdomen to show off a 6-pack of muscles?  Liposuction can help. It removes fat, improves sculpting and contours of the body.

Face-Tite and Body-Tite

Face-Tite and Body-Tite are innovative body contouring tools. These minimally invasive treatments use radiofrequency energy to contour the skin and tissue, as well as get rid of unwanted fat in the face, neck, and body. They require small pin hole incisions and local anesthesia only, so they can be performed in office and require little downtime, but provide excellent results to skin/fat shrinkage/reduction.

Male breast reduction (Gynecomastia surgery)

Many men struggle with gynecomastia or enlarged breast tissue. To reduce male breast size, Dr. Urbinelli performs male breast reduction surgery using minimally invasive techniques that cause little scarring. 

Dr. Urbinelli also has extensive experience performing other types of plastic surgery on men, including rhinoplasty, facelifts, neck lifts, blepharoplasty, and brow lifts. 

What happens during a men’s plastic surgery consultation?

When you visit PNW Plastic Surgery for a men’s plastic surgery consultation, you can expect a patient-centered exam. Dr. Urbinelli treats every patient with respect and compassion and spends time listening to your concerns and goals.

He then talks to you about your plastic surgery options and works with you to design a plan that best meets your needs. 

To schedule a consultation with an expert in men’s plastic surgery, call PNW Plastic Surgery, or click the online scheduling button.

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