Nasal Reconstruction

Some common reasons that you could need nasal reconstructive surgery include:

  • Congenital differences
  • Damage from accidents/trauma
  • Damage from a blow to the face
  • Problems after previous nose surgeries

If your nasal issues cause significant physical or emotional distress, nasal reconstructive surgery may be the best way to reclaim function and appearance.

How do I know if I need nasal reconstruction?

Dr. Urbinelli starts with a careful exam of your face and a review of your medical history. In most cases, he uses imaging tests, such as X-rays, or CT scan to assess the full extent of the damage to your bones and soft tissues.

A member of the team takes photos, which Dr. Urbinelli can use to help with surgical planning.

Dr. Urbinelli develops a full surgical plan before he initiates your surgery. He can also adjust the plan if new problems (those that didn't appear on imaging tests) appear during your reconstructive procedure.

How is nasal reconstruction performed?

Nasal reconstruction is a highly individualized procedure. In many cases, it's a few different techniques, based on your needs. Some of the many techniques that Dr. Urbinelli may use during nasal constructions include:

  • Skin grafting (skin without blood supply)
  • Local flaps (skin transplant with blood supply intact)
  • Regional skin flaps from the cheeks or forehead
  • Cartilage grafting
  • Free flaps
  • Specialized wound healing treatments
  • Suture closure

In some cases, Dr. Urbinelli may conduct staged reconstructive surgery, performing one procedure now and other follow-up procedures over the coming weeks, based on the complexity of your issues.

What is the recovery time required after nasal reconstruction?

As with the surgical procedures themselves, recovery varies widely by patient. For less complex nasal differences, your initial recovery may require just 1-2 weeks, with suture removal after about a week. Dr. Urbinelli may clear you to resume normal activities within as little as 10-14 days.

For more complex nasal reconstruction, particularly those involving the cheeks and forehead areas, you could need staged surgery spaced over one to two months. Thus, the recovery time could be much longer.

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