Pediatric Plastic Surgery

Pediatric Plastic Surgery Q & A

What is Pediatric Plastic Surgery?

Children are special; their healing properties, anatomy, emotions, psychological development, ability to learn, personality, and family dynamics are unique (just to name a few).  That means when your child is born with a congenital difference or has an injury or a post-surgical deficit and needs plastic surgery, then your child needs an expert in Pediatric plastic surgery. 

Dr. Urbinelli is that expert. He will care for your child as his own family member and will apply meticulous care to all of your child’s journey.

After completing his training in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the world-renowned NYU Institute of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in NYC under Dr. Joseph McCarthy, (one of the true Pediatric Plastic and Craniofacial surgical pioneers in the world), Dr. Urbinelli pursued additional fellowship training in craniofacial and pediatric plastic surgery in Los Angeles, California, at the University of Southern California/Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. 

With this exceptional training and experience, Dr. Urbinelli came to Oregon to provide patients with his unique blend of patient and family-centered care combined with state of the art surgical techniques.  

He now has one of the busiest pediatric plastic and craniofacial surgeon in Oregon and one of the top performers on the West Coast according to exceptional patient outcomes and volumes of complex pediatric plastic surgery operations performed. 

What are conditions treated by pediatric plastic surgery?

Dr. Urbinelli specializes in pediatric plastic and craniofacial surgery. Some of the conditions he treats include:

Cleft palate

A cleft palate is a common birth difference that causes an opening or split in the roof of an infant's mouth. Dr. Urbinelli offers state-of-the-art cutting-edge techniques to repair primary cleft palates and revision palatoplasty to repair or reconstruct the palate. 

Cleft lip

Like the cleft palate, a cleft lip is a split or opening in the upper lip. Dr. Urbinelli performs primary and revision cleft lip surgeries on bilateral and unilateral clefts with and without presurgical orthodontics. 

Gingivoperiosteoplasty (GPP or cleft alveolar repair)

A gingivoperiosteoplasty is a gum line repair. Dr. Urbinelli performs this procedure in some infants during a cleft lip repair if the cleft of their gumline is narrow and well-aligned, which can reduce the need for future surgeries on the gumline. 

Dr. Urbinelli also offers alveolar bone grafting, using minimally invasive techniques that allow patients to recover faster, go home the same day of surgery, and take less pain medication. 

Cleft rhinoplasty/septoplasty

To repair a congenital nasal difference caused by a cleft lip or palate, Dr. Urbinelli performs cleft rhinoplasty/septoplasty (nasal surgery) during the cleft lip repair in infancy and/or may require repair during teenage years when skeletal growth has completed. 


Plagiocephaly is a common skull difference in infants that causes a flattened appearance in one area of the skull. It’s one of the most common causes of head shape differences in the United States.

Corrective treatment for plagiocephaly is a multi-factorial, and Dr. Urbinelli is one of the most experienced plagiocephaly doctors in the Pacific Northwest. 

Congenital torticollis

With congenital torticollis, a baby is born with a tight, short neck muscle that affects the position of the neck and head. Dr. Urbinelli may prescribe physical therapy, Botox injection or perform surgery to correct this condition. 

Ear molding and reconstruction

For congenital or acquired ear differences in babies and children, Dr. Urbinelli offers ear molding or ear reconstruction respectively. 

Congenital hand surgery

For congenital hand conditions, such as polydactyly (duplication of fingers) or syndactyly (fusion of bone or tissue), Dr. Urbinelli performs hand surgery to reconstruct the hands to form and function. 

Soft tissue masses/tumors

Dr. Urbinelli treats congenital and acquired skin differences in children, such as moles, precancerous and cancerous lesions, dermoid or inclusion cysts, hemangiomas, venous malformations, arteriovenous (AV) malformations, and vascular anomalies. He is unique in his approach to many of these masses, often trying to disguise scars in hidden locations.  Dr. Urbinelli uses a minimally invasive endoscopic technique to approach these via smaller incisions in more disguised areas, keeping scars off sensitive areas of the face/body for children.

Surgery for injuries and scarring

As a skilled pediatric plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Urbinelli cares for dog bite injuries and scarring, trauma, and complex burn reconstruction, as well as cancer and tumor removal and reconstruction of the face and body. 

Facial Paralysis/Smile Restoration

Dr. Urbinelli also treats facial paralysis or weakness from congenital conditions or those acquired from trauma, surgery, or tumor. Facial reanimation or smile restoration is a rewarding and powerful surgery that Dr. Urbinelli has successfully performed in many children.  These surgeries are often performed in 1 or 2 stages, with nerve grafting, free muscle transfer, and microvascular surgery performed by Dr. Urbinelli to help restore/recreate a natural voluntary smile.

What happens during a pediatric plastic surgery consultation?

You can expect personalized attention and exceptional care when you bring your child in for a pediatric plastic surgery consultation at PNW Plastic Surgery. 

Dr. Urbinelli treats each of his patients like family and conducts a comprehensive initial evaluation, so he fully understands your concerns and child’s needs.

During your consultation, Dr. Urbinelli asks detailed questions about your child’s medical history and parent’s health history as well (including prenatal care). He performs a physical exam and may request diagnostic imaging to fully understand your child’s congenital or acquired physical difference.

After gathering all the necessary information, he talks to you (and your child) about the diagnosis, surgical options, and recommended plan. 

To schedule a pediatric plastic surgery consultation at PNW Plastic Surgery, call the office.

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